Sioux Falls Commercial Real Estate


Sioux Falls Investment, Income, and Apartment Buildings

Looking for a Sioux Falls-area apartment or office building that provides a solid investment and good return? Bring us your requirements and we'll locate the property that meets your needs..

MacArthur Square
5000 S. MacArther Lane, Sioux Falls
128,500 sq. ft.

Investment opportunity in southeast Sioux Falls.

For Sale: $8,400,000
Courthouse Square
325 1st Avenue South, Sioux Falls
65,129 sq. ft.

Multi-tenant office building in the Central Business District.

For Sale: $17,000,000
Alcom Industrial Building
501 & 507 E. 52nd Street North, Sioux Falls
54,000 sq. ft.

Fully leased single tenant industrial building for sale.

For Sale: $2,450,000
Oxbow II Office Building
2500 W. 49th Street, Sioux Falls
16,214 sq. ft.

Multi-tenant office building on W. 49th Street.

For Sale: $1,345,000
Sharon Avenue Office Center
6001 S. Sharon Avenue, Sioux Falls
15,982 sq. ft.
(divisible to 1045 sq. ft.)

Multi-tenant office building for sale or lease in southwest Sioux Falls.

For Lease: $10.50/sq. ft. NNN
For Sale: $2,250,000
Former Antler Hotel Building
1700 Hill Avenue, Spirit Lake
12,950 sq. ft.

First & second floors of former historic hotel completed renovated for retail/office spaces.

For Sale: $1,395,500
Dakota HorizINN
205 N. Hwy 37, Parkston
11,948 sq. ft.

35 unit motel and campground for sale on west side of Parktson, SD.

For Sale: $800,000
Hartley Drug Building
141 S. Central Avenue, Hartley
9,690 sq. ft.

Fully leased retai/investmentl building in Hartley, Iowa.

For Sale: $49,000
Latsa Office Building
3800 W. Technology Circle, Sioux Falls
7,994 SF

Multi-tenant office building located on S. Technology Circle.

For Sale: $750,000
Westport Plaza II
3710 S. Westport Avenue, Sioux Falls
7,424 sq. ft.

Multi-tenant office/retail building for sale.

For Sale: $840,000
Classic Closet Building
121 S. Central Avenue, Hartley
4,628 sq. ft.

Retail/investment building in Hartley, Iowa.

For Sale: $92,000
St. Orrie Circle Twinhome
6605 & 6607 W. St. Orrie Circle, Sioux Falls
3,644 sq. ft.

Side-by-side twin home for sale in southwest Sioux Falls.

For Sale: $305,800
Sassy & Classy Building
135 S. Central Avenue, Hartley
2,139 sq. ft.

Fully lease retail/investment building in Hartley, Iowa.

For Sale: $23,000